Jan 10, 2005

One. Once.

It begins with words,
Of how they are meant to be
Be it rave, harsh, or simply nodding of agreement.

Not one,
but series of rattlings and hummings
directed towards evoking
two brainy thoughts.

This time,
Unlike others,
Has no resemblance
or slight compromise
of degradation.

For the arguments thrown in the air,
they force imaginary drifting among the dust of cosmic atmosphere
among intellectuals.

For the punchlines verbally uttered,
they widen two lines of smiles,
or giggles and laughters,
over silliness or relief.

For bearing the senses to converse and to listen,
they have acutely become receptive and sensitive,
to liven up the boredom of routine.

For once,
Striking parallel of umbirical cord
Seems to be the most natural thing Mother Earth has ever given to human beings regardless their immersion and indulgence

For once,
Existence of one soul
Brings out the adjectives of feelings no other contributors will understand their absurdity and amazement

For once,
A journey of a lifetime
Continues in a different way

For once,
brotherhood shall endure
the lowdowns and highbrows that will be embarked later.

For once,
brotherhood shall prevail
above those hapless circumstances of overtly-used melodramatic.

For once,
I've found one.

(my newly-found long-lost Twinnie, had I known it took me all these time to finally get to you, I wouldn't change a thing, for we have another lifetime to catch up)


Anonymous said...


it's never too late to be twins.
-ve handojo-

such a deep thought, eh?
it could be something to contemplate on,
especially when you have nothing else to do.


dodY said...

waduh pak.... kok dalem nan dalem gini yah...

numpang lewat comment aja siiyy....

Nauval Yazid said...

"late" is nothing. What more important is how one catch up with what's been missing all these years. :)

ini juga numpang bales ...

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