Jan 2, 2005


You just do not have to have any reasons to be

A wide smile you put on your face
Has done more than enough
To put your mind in a bewilderment

Or simply to lay down your head
On a perfectly whitened brick walls
While closing your eyelids
And roam freely among the endless space
Aimee Mann has never been any better than this

Even if it means to
Shift your dreams away
Let others indulge on it

I am still feeling contented.


This is good.

-- from the ranks / of the freaks / who suspect / they could never love anyone --


Cay said...

Punya CD lagu Aimee Mann nggak? *contoh komentar bego*

Nauval Yazid said...

punya dan bagus, makanya gue ngerasa bahagia, dan gue pengen elo dengerin juga, paling ngga buat selingan di kamarmu!
*komenmu jauh dari bego*


Anonymous said...

Save me... lagu yg bagus.. terus merenung kalau dengar lagu ini

ExecutorAzmin said...

Aye, a colleague used to tell me:

You can choose to be happy, or choose to be sad. I choose to be happy.

Sometimes I fail, but I try my best to live up to this!

dodY said...

*komentar lebih bego lagi*

vaL... met tahun baru yah? hihihih....

Nauval Yazid said...

that's what the poem is based on, the haunting song called Save Me by Aimee Mann, such a well-crafted work!

I wonder if we ever get tired living up the expectation of being happy itself ...

super ga pentiiiinnggg!!! :D

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