Jan 19, 2005

At the Blink of an Eye.


let me ask you something.

How does one survive in an initial stage of being closer to each other?

I can't think of any appropriate answers, T.

Me neither. But I know one thing. We did it.

And now T,

How does one survive being corny and tacky and silly and crazy and just being ourselves?

And you and your cutesy smirky little face, with Cameron Diaz hairstyle using a certain kind of unintended-gel matched with those gorgeous pair of eyes will say: We do!

And now T,

How can one survive being away for the next four nights without rushing to the buzz?
How can one survive being taken afar from the world of interconnected words?
How can one survive being placed in two different lands?

It was one of a kind last night, when the last thing I want to do is to sign off.

Can we breathe the same deep sigh now, T?

The answer is: We will.

Because we simply believe in trusting each other.

-- Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana dengan kata yang tak sempat:
diucapkan kayu kepada api yg menjadikannya abu
Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana dengan isyarat yang tak sempat:
disampaikan awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada

(Sapardi Djoko Damono: Aku Ingin) --

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Anonymous said...

we did it.
we are in it.
and we will make it.

T is sure,
no matter what distance and time will say.

because time and distance;
they don't comprehend anything
about this thing between us.


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