Dec 10, 2003

Ola! I've been away for quite some time, but really, nothing much to tell, except ... well ... if you've seen my MSN nickname (it's by the way), you'll have an idea why ;=).

Anyway, people have been asking me about the current nickname, whether it is taken from a song, a poem or any other inspirational material (ha! inspirational? more like plagiatory resource! hahahahaha ...).
It is taken from a track found in this famous Indonesian band's latest album, "positive+POSITIVE" by POTRET, you know, the one w/ Melly and Anto Hoed, and Aksan Sjuman, DEWA's ex-drummer.
The song is called Ketika Cinta Itu Hilang (do I need to bother translating here? yay, OK, before you accuse me of anything, it's loosely translated as After The Love is Gone ... and it's not that Earth Wind and Fire's jazzy song!).
I'm not an expert in defining music and emotional feeling (Nick Hornby already does that superbly in his 31 Songs, a must-read for music lovers and pop-lit everywhere!), but I feel this song belongs to one of the greatest break-up and brokenhearted songs ever! Let's see if you find yourself in agreement w/ me on this ...


Bulan dan tahun berganti / Kasih ini tak pernah meluntur
Walau jenuh pasti ada / Dalam cinta kalahkan semua
Namun kini lain / Kau tak lagi setia / Dimana cintamu, hilangkah ???

Sedikit demi sedikit / Rasa cinta ini hilang juga
Melihat raut wajahmu / Seperti melihat sampah busuk
Kau mengkhianati / Cintaku yang murni / Kau tidur dengannya, mengapa?!?

Namun mengapa sedih ini tak berlarut-larut
Mungkinkah memang aku / Mengharapkan semua ini memang terjadi
Oh, ketika cinta itu hilang dan punah / Rasaku pun melega
Ada harapan baru / Mendapat cinta baru, tak mengapa

Ketika cinta menghilang / Dalam diri dan hati bersyukur
Ternyata di lubuk hati / Ku ingin berpisah denganmu
Namun jangan aku yang memulainya / Kuingin dirimu yang salah

Nov 28, 2003

gee! don't you hate to see yourself that something you've been waitin' for so long turns out to be ... well, let's put it this way, that long-awaited thing is not really exactly what you wished it to be on the first place!

whatever it is, this is crazy.

Nov 27, 2003

what a cool Thursday midnight cum Friday early morning! breezing winds blowing through the windows in my room, passing through the densed air scattering glittering dust to create sparkle right under the bright light of fluorescent lamp ... again, it's just a test, another one, seems to be endless tests and trials before enough gust is gathered to proudly declare the birth of a long-awaited darling ...

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