Feb 18, 2006

(i'm off to) Bangkok International Film Festival (again? no! it's) 2006 (get it? :D)

This happened not that long time ago, not in a galaxy far away.

We see NAUVAL, recently graduated from some university, down on his luck while doing odd jobs by being an assistant to some lecturers at some local university, a teacher at a local high school, a translator of some god-knows-what-kind-of-textbook, a tutor giving private tuition, basically the low-salary-next-to-nothing jobs under the sun.

Wait! Why does this happen again at present time? Oh, that's another story :)

Anyway, it was one afternoon when we saw this poor fella staring blankly to the flickering screen of the TV on a living room, and his DAD approached him in a casual manner.

D(ad): How are you, Nov?

N(auval): Well, fine.

D: So, how's everything?

N: Just like that.

D: Not going out?

N: Nah, not feeling like to.

D: Okay. Not doing your jobs?

N: No tuition today, teaching at schools only on Saturdays, and uni's on break, so ... yeah.

D: Okay. (reaching his wallet, taking out a note of 100 thousand rupiahs) Here!

N: Huh? What's this?

D: Consider it as a loan, but make sure that you only use it to rent DVDs, and nothing else. Got it?

N: (puzzled, then excited) Sure!

If I'm not mistaken, I have returned the money back once I got the income from those odd jobs, or more like recently? Wait, I have returned the money back, right?! Yes, I have. Whew.

The reason why I still remember the scene to date, as you may guess, is simply the fact that I can't be more thankful of having people surrounding me who understand my passion over films, in a way that they may not be able to easily accept at face value. And I realize a cloud of doubts hanging above their heads on thinking, "You have not settled yourself yet, but you are going for a film festival?"

Shall I answer the question?

I'd rather not to, but do allow me to excuse myself for going to Bangkok for the event you see on the title of this entry.
I can't believe that I can have this journey again, after the first time last year was marred with some unfortunate stuff that should not have happened on the first place, if I had strong willingness to prevent it from happening.

But I have to admit that I have quite an expectation to my companion this time as he is quite a regular to some of the more established film festivals the world has had throughout this time. Yes, I do hope I can learn from Kenny more about the fun film-festival experience, and it's gonna be joyful time ahead, let's hope so!

Oh well, shall I take a break then from blogging?

Let's just wait and see ;)

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Sunny said...

YEAH! Take a break from blogging, PLEASE? We need that =))

But don't forget to come back with some kick ass reviews.

dodY said...

hehehehe.... jadi ini yg dulu dicerita'in? oh well... have fun! kayaknya bakalan seru niy!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the graduation... (belated hehehe)...

have a safe trip.... and have fun!

Papigiulio said...

have fun mate, btw i have to say you got an awesome way of telling your stories, i wish i could write my reviews like that..dayam n:D

Anonymous said...

Have a nice journey (am sure it will set you free from being an infotainment reviewer !), and am not going next week, it is postponed, so the other trip will come first !

Bon Voyage !!!!

budibadabadu said...

huhu, temen baik saya juga mau pergi ke sana, mau nonton juga, bahkan setelah itu mau menetap permanen di sana. :( lucu juga, setelah dia bilang Janji Joni bagus dan sudah mengoleksi DVD-nya, dia tetep pengen nonton lagi film itu di sana, pengen liat reaksi penonton lokal sana, katanya. btw, kamu mau nonton apa Val? Vinterberg's Dear Wendy [2005, written by von Trier, yg ini saya sudah nonton]? ... Rene Clement's La Diga sul Pacifico? (1958, yg ini saya belum, pengen sih, karena saya suka film dia yang Plein soleil (1960), his interpretation of Patricia Highsmiths' novel Talented Mr. Ripley, coba bandingin ama Wenders' Der Amerikanische Freund (1977) atau Anthony Minghella's 1999 version.] ...

sayang di BFF malah nggak diputer film-film Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

ditunggu review2nya.

famousfeline said...

I can't believe this... Well, actually I can believe this, guessing that you're a moviebuff (or freak or lover or whatever) that you will actually chase film festivals.

Anyway, you may want to write an article about this and sell it to quality magazines. Who knows, this might be a skipping stone for you.

Sorry if I keep reminding you about earning income. My world evolves around money.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Nauval Yazid said...

you are in the queue number ... gosh, i lost track of ppl wanting my reviews! hehehehe ...
but if i steer myself away too much from blogging, what else do i have?

it was fun! thrilling? hardly! :D

i had a safe trip, safe fun, and safe in many things, including one thing we shall not discuss here :)

look who's talking here! expert of korean films? that's really something, indeed.

Nauval Yazid said...

oh how i miss the infotainment so much, and that's for all puns intended.

Pen-Ek Ratanaruang is the one to watch at the moment.

thankfully, i never buy myself those self-healing reminder :)

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